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What is green technology?

Green technology is a solution to current environmental problems such as global warming and greenhouse gases. The goal of green technology is to replace harmful materials, processes or products with alternatives that do not degrade or deplete natural resources.

Green Technology is the development and implementation of products, equipment and systems used to protect the natural environment and resources, while minimizing the negative effects of human activities.

Green technology is not a new technology; instead, it gained momentum with the introduction of sustainable development initiatives as it is an environmentally friendly technology and hence known as environmental technology or clean technology. It uses innovative methods to create environmentally friendly products. Also, Green technology is known as sustainable technology as it takes into account the long and short term impact of the system on the environment.


What does green technology do?

Green technology allows people to use energy from natural resources. Green technology ensures that fossil fuels are not depleted, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and global warming slows down.

The need for green technology is increasing due to pollution, depletion of natural resources and the excessive use of fossil resources. Green technologies

  • Reduce or minimise the degradation of the natural environment. They have zero or minimal greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Are safe to use and promote a healthy environment for all life forms including humans, birds, animals. 
  • Help to conserve energy as well as encourage the use of renewable resources such as sun, water, wind.

Now move on to green technology

Green technology reverses the harmful effects of human activities on the environment. Governments, communities and organisations must continue to make substantial and consistent efforts to adopt and scale green technologies. Thus, more people will have access to green technology, which will have a significant impact on the environment in the long run.


The future picture of energy supply and demand shows that we will have to resort to other renewable energy sources more frequently. Today, everyone has a duty in the field of not depleting and protecting natural resources together with predicting climatic changes.

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